Woman charged after filming herself having sex with dogs outside of church

JONES COUNTY, MISS (LOOTPRESS) – A woman was charged after allegedly filming herself having sex with dogs.

According to news reports, Denise Fraizer, 19, of Mississippi, has been charged with unnatural intercourse – aggravated cruelty of an animal.  The Jones County Sheriff’s Department reports that Fraizer filmed her sexual intercourse with a dog on Snapchat.

Fraizer reportedly admitted that she was the one in the video, but she had said she was forced to participate.  Deputies have since said they have no known evidence to suggest this claim.

It was later revealed that several more videos popped up of Fraizer having sexual intercourse with a German shepherd, and deputies say they saw the dog at her home when they arrived.

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Deputies say that all animals are in a safe place and are getting medical help.

KKTV News reports that investigators said their findings lead them to believe Frazier “willfully, unlawfully and feloniously had sexual intercourse with one or more domesticated animals, one being a male German shepherd, and recorded the intercourse via an electronic device on or about Feb. 23-Feb. 28, 2023.”

The sheriff’s office said some videos might have been made in other counties. Those counties have been alerted, and more charges may be added.

Lead investigator Sgt. JD Carter told WDAM they have found no evidence that Frazier was forced to make the videos.

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“Disturbing, extremely disturbing videos that I can’t even wrap my head around it,” Carter said. “I wouldn’t understand the mindset that would even drive somebody to do that. The claim of being threatened and forced to conduct those videos, as she claimed, there’s no evidence to be found supporting that idea, and yeah, we did look into it.”

Carter said he’s never worked on a case like this before.

“There are really no true words to describe it other than disgusting,” Carter said.

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